Affordable Care Act’s Biggest Problem: Making Care Affordable











Almost too much to quote here. Really great article about how the ACA will change the health insurance landscape for everybody not just today’s individual market or the uninsured.


ObamaCare (Affordable Care Act) Is Not An Insurance Or Healthcare Problem

I actually thought this article was very badly written and generally insipid BUT I thought about it a little more and realized it was a good illustration of the principle that the more people learn about the ACA the less they like it.

ObamaCare (Affordable Care Act) Is Not An Insurance Or Healthcare Problem - ForbesThe quote from Mr. King does crack me up though. He admits that healthcare reform won’t help him get coverage and will leave him completely vulnerable in the event of a medical emergency but still “likes it”? What does he like? Is it the name? It can’t be what the law actually does.

Is Obamacare’s First Enrollee Bogus? via @BloombergView

Read this amazing story here –

The story about Chad being a solid “I’ll think about it”  instead of a confirmed sale is lulzy  (the government is just a down and out salesguy who has to flub sales reports, ha ha) but focus on the rates. $225 for a 21 year old. Can someone really afford that on his income? And he in on the lowest plan meaning he will have to pay 40% of all medical expenses until he reaches the out of pocket maximum of which is thousands and thousands of dollars. That’s a lot of money.

Plans prior to Obamacare or that are exempt from Obamacare (like the ones sold by my company) would be less than a quarter of that rate for someone this young. Try $50 a month.


When I first got into insurance I was a little bit overwhelmed by all of the jargon. It was like a whole other language. Fixed Indemnity, Universal Life, Co-Insurance, Unilateral and Inland Marine are just a few of the terms that made my head swim.

You may have heard something confusing or unfamiliar talking to an insurance agent at an appointment and either didn’t have the chance or remember to ask.

In this blog I am going to define a term a day. If you have questions about insurance follow this blog and you will find some answers. You can also ask me anytime by going to my website – or emailing me at